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The White Hart Hotel

The White Hart Hotel

Family run hotel with 7 letting rooms. Food available from 11.30 - 2.30 & 6.30 - 9.30. Bar open everyday from 11sm untill midnight.

The White Hart Hotel at Fore Street Holsworthy has been an indispensable part of the busy market town’s social scene for as long as anyone can remember. Dating back to at least 1591, it is a remarkable place, which just like Dr Who’s famous ‘Tardis’, is seemingly very much bigger on the inside that its façade might suggest. With a welcoming bar serving food, a restaurant downstairs, a huge club-style bar upstairs with modern electronic entertainment facilities, rooms to let for B&B, and also an outside catering trailer, the White Hart has so much to recommend it.

Jon and Tam Hutchings are the present family owners of the White Hart which has been in the family’s hands for 29 years. They took over two years ago and plan to build on the Hotels success by only changing things when there is a very good reason – steady development being the much preferred path. It is often said that two good tests of town pubs are whether a lady might feel daunted by the prospect of venturing into the establishment on her own, and whether the clientele are professionally managed late at night so that everyone can enjoy themselves… including the townspeople. Well, I think we can say the White Hart passes both of those tests with flying colours and has a remarkably friendly atmosphere throughout.