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Attractions in Brixham

  • Local sea life centre - now closed / replaced by Living Coasts

  • One of the most important Palaeolithic caves in Northern Europe and the oldest recognisable human dwelling in Britain, dating back 500,000 years. Also contains many interesting geological formations

  • Late medieval stone built house, restored in the 1960s.Offers an insight into life in a town house during the 15th century

  • Experience a bygone Victorian era, large scale model railway, World War I Trench mock up and other vintage displays at this museum in Torquay

  • Steam railway running through some of South Devon's most beautiful scenery including the River Dart and the Torbay coast

  • A museum offering an interesting and varied collection of displays and archives, including maritime, archeological, domestic and medical.

  • A small and unusually interesting museum housed in an old merchants house, dated 1640.

  • Thousands of miniature buildings, people and vehicles capture the essence of England's past, present and future.

  • Discover Agatha Christie's beloved holiday home on the banks of the River Dart.