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Breakwater Beach // Brixham

Breakwater beach

Breakwater Beach

This is a shingle beach with easy access for the able-bodied. There is plenty of parking but dogs are banned on the beach. Swimming is safe with care and there are warning flags in operation. Life saving equipment is available and there is a public telephone. Toilets are just by the beach and there is also a café, restaurant and beach shop.

Breakwater Beach tide times

  • Tue 3rd August

    High 1:28am (4.32m)
    Low 7:48am (2.30m)
    High 2:19pm (4.34m)
    Low 8:29pm (2.38m)
  • Wed 4th August

    High 2:54am (4.35m)
    Low 9:06am (2.25m)
    High 3:34pm (4.50m)
    Low 9:52pm (2.21m)
  • Thu 5th August

    High 4:02am (4.50m)
    Low 10:19am (2.05m)
    High 4:32pm (4.74m)
    Low 10:55pm (1.93m)
  • Fri 6th August

    High 4:57am (4.70m)
    Low 11:14am (1.79m)
    High 5:21pm (4.98m)
    Low 11:43pm (1.64m)