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Cheyne Beach // Ilfracombe

Cheyne beach
Photo: © Rob Farrow / CC BY-SA 3.0

Cheyne beach is the small patch of sand among the rocks in front of the sea wall on the northern edge of the harbour. There are a set of stairs running down to the beach from the car park here.

Cheyne beach is a dog friendly beach.

Cheyne Beach tide times

  • Thu 24th May

    High 01:50am (4.83m)
    Low 08:13am (1.66m)
    High 02:37pm (4.70m)
    Low 08:44pm (1.78m)
  • Fri 25th May

    High 03:02am (4.92m)
    Low 09:24am (1.48m)
    High 03:43pm (4.87m)
    Low 09:52pm (1.54m)
  • Sat 26th May

    High 04:04am (5.06m)
    Low 10:24am (1.25m)
    High 04:39pm (5.04m)
    Low 10:49pm (1.29m)
  • Sun 27th May

    High 04:58am (5.17m)
    Low 11:15am (1.07m)
    High 05:27pm (5.17m)
    Low 11:38pm (1.11m)