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Jacob's Ladder Beach // Sidmouth

Jacobs Ladder Beach
Photo: © CanStockPhoto/Ian Wool / All rights reserved
Jacobs Ladder - Sidmouth

Jacobs Ladder Beach

Jacob's Ladder is one of Sidmouth's two large beaches. An expanse of sand and shingle, the beach gets its name from the series of wooden steps that lead down from Connaught Gardens.
Whilst the beach can be accessed via the steps it is also possible to walk around from the town's main beach via a level path.

Backed by steep cliffs, there is some shelter from the breeze, particularly at the western end of the beach where you will also find plenty of rock pools at low tide. This is a great spot for families but don't forget to leave the pebbles on the beach they are protected by law!

Jacob's Ladder Beach tide times

  • Thu 8th June

    Low 3:34am (1.06m)
    High 9:45am (5.07m)
    Low 3:52pm (1.31m)
    High 10:04pm (5.30m)
  • Fri 9th June

    Low 4:24am (1.22m)
    High 10:36am (4.91m)
    Low 4:42pm (1.49m)
    High 10:54pm (5.15m)
  • Sat 10th June

    Low 5:17am (1.38m)
    High 11:30am (4.77m)
    Low 5:38pm (1.66m)
    High 11:50pm (5.02m)
  • Sun 11th June

    Low 6:15am (1.51m)
    High 12:32pm (4.68m)
    Low 6:39pm (1.76m)