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Lee Bay // Ilfracombe

Lee Bay

2 Miles to the West of Ilfracombe is Lee Bay a charming sand and shingle beach backing onto an equally charming village. The bay is flanked on either side by an imposing rocky coastline. Set in a wooded combe which is sometimes referred to as "Fuchsia Valley" Lee Bay has no problem living up to it's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status.

Lee Bay tide times

  • Wed 8th April

    Low 12:43am (0.47m)
    High 6:51am (5.84m)
    Low 1:08pm (0.24m)
    High 7:18pm (5.75m)
  • Thu 9th April

    Low 1:29am (0.28m)
    High 7:38am (5.92m)
    Low 1:53pm (0.18m)
    High 8:02pm (5.80m)
  • Fri 10th April

    Low 2:13am (0.26m)
    High 8:22am (5.87m)
    Low 2:34pm (0.30m)
    High 8:42pm (5.72m)
  • Sat 11th April

    Low 2:54am (0.42m)
    High 9:01am (5.69m)
    Low 3:14pm (0.58m)
    High 9:19pm (5.54m)