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Lynmouth Bay // Lynton

Lynmouth Bay
Lynmouth beach sunrise

Lynmouth Bay

Not the greatest beach in the area, but surrounded by some of the most impressive scenery and hisorical interest on the coast. To reach Lynmouth you can take the water powered Victorian cliff railway down the wooded hillside from Lynton.

The beach itself is a small pebble and shingle affair with a tidal swimming pool at the eastern end.

Lynmouth Bay tide times

  • Tue 25th July

    Low 01:55am (0.49m)
    High 08:00am (5.50m)
    Low 02:14pm (0.60m)
    High 08:19pm (5.74m)
  • Wed 26th July

    Low 02:40am (0.51m)
    High 08:43am (5.45m)
    Low 02:58pm (0.69m)
    High 09:00pm (5.65m)
  • Thu 27th July

    Low 03:23am (0.66m)
    High 09:22am (5.31m)
    Low 03:39pm (0.89m)
    High 09:37pm (5.48m)
  • Fri 28th July

    Low 04:02am (0.91m)
    High 09:57am (5.13m)
    Low 04:17pm (1.17m)
    High 10:11pm (5.26m)