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Hope Cove // Salcombe

Hope Cove Beach
Inner Hope Cove
Hope Cove
Outer Hope Cove
Hope Cove cliffs

Hope Cove

About equal distance from Salcombe and Kingsbridge is the sleepy little fishing village of Hope Cove. It is actually two villages in one, each with its own little cove; Inner Hope and Outer Hope.

Tucked in behind the headland of Bolt Tail, on the edge of Bigbury Bay, both beaches are relatively sheltered. Inner Hope is the larger of the two coves and is a pleasant stretch of sand, up which fishing and other small boats are pulled. To one end is a slipway and the other a small harbour wall, further protecting the beach. In between are plenty of rock pools and other nooks and crannies for the kids to explore.

Also known as Mouthwell beach, Outer Hope cove is a smaller stretch of equally pleasant sand which is overlooked by the Hope and Anchor Inn. Here it is slightly more exposed than Inner Hope and the far end of the beach is rocky.

Backing onto the village, both coves have all the facilities and amenities you might need for a family day at the beach.

Dogs allowed all year at Inner Hope Cove as long as they remain on their leads. Around the corner at Inner Hope there is a dog ban from 1st May to 30th September.

Hope Cove tide times

  • Sun 19th May

    High 3:28am (4.64m)
    Low 9:56am (1.81m)
    High 4:04pm (4.64m)
    Low 10:16pm (1.85m)
  • Mon 20th May

    High 4:19am (4.81m)
    Low 10:40am (1.57m)
    High 4:48pm (4.85m)
    Low 10:59pm (1.61m)
  • Tue 21st May

    High 5:04am (4.95m)
    Low 11:19am (1.39m)
    High 5:29pm (5.02m)
    Low 11:39pm (1.43m)
  • Wed 22nd May

    High 5:44am (5.06m)
    Low 11:57am (1.27m)
    High 6:07pm (5.15m)