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Goodrington Sands beach // Paignton

Goodrington beach pedaloes
Goodrington beach amusements
Goodrington beach

Goodrington Sands

There is ample parking at this sandy beach and easy access for all.
Dogs are allowed on the north sands but banned on the south sands. Warning flags are in operation but swimming is safe with care. Toilets are available by the beach and there is a cafe, restaurant and shop where beach equipment can be hired.

Goodrington Sands beach tide times

  • Wed 20th October

    Low 12:21am (0.93m)
    High 6:32am (5.42m)
    Low 12:38pm (1.01m)
    High 6:43pm (5.54m)
  • Thu 21st October

    Low 12:58am (0.91m)
    High 7:01am (5.45m)
    Low 1:14pm (1.00m)
    High 7:13pm (5.51m)
  • Fri 22nd October

    Low 1:32am (0.98m)
    High 7:28am (5.46m)
    Low 1:47pm (1.07m)
    High 7:40pm (5.46m)
  • Sat 23rd October

    Low 2:01am (1.12m)
    High 7:54am (5.45m)
    Low 2:15pm (1.20m)
    High 8:08pm (5.38m)