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Elberry Cove // Paignton

Elberry Cove
Photo: © Ian Wool
Elberry Cove
Photo: © Tom Jolliffe / CC BY-SA 3.0

Elbury Cove

The access to this pretty shingle and clear water beach is difficult. There is parking about half a mile from the beach, where dogs are allowed. Swimming is safe if care is taken and life saving equipment is available.

At the southern end of the cove are the ruins of the Elberry Bath House. There are some lovely woodland walks around the area in addition to those along the coast.

Elberry Cove tide times

  • Wed 17th April

    High 12:26am (4.25m)
    Low 7:14am (2.52m)
    High 1:33pm (3.99m)
    Low 7:55pm (2.65m)
  • Thu 18th April

    High 2:11am (4.27m)
    Low 9:01am (2.34m)
    High 3:08pm (4.18m)
    Low 9:29pm (2.35m)
  • Fri 19th April

    High 3:30am (4.51m)
    Low 10:05am (1.96m)
    High 4:10pm (4.48m)
    Low 10:24pm (1.95m)
  • Sat 20th April

    High 4:25am (4.78m)
    Low 10:50am (1.60m)
    High 4:56pm (4.76m)
    Low 11:07pm (1.60m)