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Mattiscombe Beach // Kingsbridge

Great Mattiscombe Sands

This beautiful secluded beach is located just to the west of Start Point around the, corner from Hallsands and Slapton Sands. It is fairly difficult to find and access is via a 10 minute walk along the South West Coast Path. As a result it is usually pretty quiet.

The sandy beach is punctuated by several interesting rock formations along its length. These serve to both divide the beach up and also cast other-worldly shapes as you watch the sun setting.

Mattiscombe Beach tide times

  • Wed 23rd September

    Low 4:32am (1.31m)
    High 10:37am (5.09m)
    Low 4:53pm (1.50m)
    High 11:01pm (4.91m)
  • Thu 24th September

    Low 5:16am (1.79m)
    High 11:24am (4.77m)
    Low 5:43pm (1.95m)
  • Fri 25th September

    High 12:00am (4.55m)
    Low 6:12am (2.22m)
    High 12:35pm (4.52m)
    Low 6:55pm (2.29m)
  • Sat 26th September

    High 1:32am (4.35m)
    Low 7:36am (2.46m)
    High 2:13pm (4.49m)
    Low 8:35pm (2.31m)