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Barricane Beach // Woolacombe

Woolacombe - Barricane beach

Barricane Beach

Located between Woolacombe and Mortehoe, Barricane is often called Shell Beach owing to the beach being made up of shingle and shells - many of which are not native to this country. There are plenty of good rockpools here amongst the flat rocks at low tide.

There is a small cafe here.

Barricane Beach tide times

  • Mon 19th March

    Low 12:51am (0.78m)
    High 07:00am (5.59m)
    Low 01:11pm (0.67m)
    High 07:20pm (5.46m)
  • Tue 20th March

    Low 01:26am (0.74m)
    High 07:36am (5.57m)
    Low 01:46pm (0.71m)
    High 07:55pm (5.41m)
  • Wed 21st March

    Low 02:01am (0.80m)
    High 08:11am (5.45m)
    Low 02:20pm (0.85m)
    High 08:28pm (5.28m)
  • Thu 22nd March

    Low 02:36am (0.97m)
    High 08:43am (5.26m)
    Low 02:56pm (1.09m)
    High 09:00pm (5.10m)