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Croyde bay beach
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Croyde Bay

Croyde Beach

Croyde is perhaps Devon's best known surfing beach and for good reason. Facing almost due west the beach picks up a good deal of swell and combined with quality sand banks makes for one of the UK's best surf beaches. Its also reknown for packing a fair bit of power, particularly on the low tide when barrels are not uncommon.

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Croyde is a popular resort village with the beach being its main asset, as a result it can get a little crowded at the height of the holiday season.The beach itself is a pretty stretch of sand backing on to sand dunes and is about a half mile walk from the village. To the north it is bordered by the unspoilt red rock headland of Baggy Point

Croyde Beach tide times

  • Tue 25th July

    Low 01:55am (0.49m)
    High 08:00am (5.50m)
    Low 02:14pm (0.60m)
    High 08:19pm (5.74m)
  • Wed 26th July

    Low 02:40am (0.51m)
    High 08:43am (5.45m)
    Low 02:58pm (0.69m)
    High 09:00pm (5.65m)
  • Thu 27th July

    Low 03:23am (0.66m)
    High 09:22am (5.31m)
    Low 03:39pm (0.89m)
    High 09:37pm (5.48m)
  • Fri 28th July

    Low 04:02am (0.91m)
    High 09:57am (5.13m)
    Low 04:17pm (1.17m)
    High 10:11pm (5.26m)