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Combe Martin Beach // Combe Martin

Combe Martin beach
Combe Martin beach

Combe Martin Beach

A nice little rocky bay with a steeply shelving sand and shingle beach that only shows it's real character at lower tides - the tide goes out a long way here owing to it's position in the Bristol Channel. The low tide exposes a wealth of rockpools containing a variety of species of anemone, shellfish and fish.

Combe Martin Beach tide times

  • Fri 24th November

    Low 02:24am (1.83m)
    High 08:37am (5.05m)
    Low 02:49pm (1.89m)
    High 08:58pm (4.71m)
  • Sat 25th November

    Low 02:59am (2.06m)
    High 09:14am (4.82m)
    Low 03:29pm (2.10m)
    High 09:41pm (4.50m)
  • Sun 26th November

    Low 03:43am (2.28m)
    High 10:01am (4.64m)
    Low 04:21pm (2.27m)
    High 10:38pm (4.37m)
  • Mon 27th November

    Low 04:44am (2.43m)
    High 11:03am (4.55m)
    Low 05:30pm (2.32m)
    High 11:49pm (4.37m)