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Instow Beach // Appledore

Instow beach
Instow, across the Torridge

Instow Beach

Located on the edge of the Torridge estuary, Instow beach is blessed with fine, soft sand unlike some of its neigbours which were left with mud! As the beach doesn't face directly into the Atlantic its sheltered from the surf that can often be seen pounding into the Bideford Bar at the estuary mouth.
The sands here are quite extensive so there's room for everyone. Its a popular place to launch boats and windsurfers from and there's plenty of space for cricket and volleyball.

One of the highlights of the beach is the view across the waters to the picturesque village of Appledore to which there is a regular summer ferry service.

Instow Beach tide times

  • Thu 18th October

    High 12:14am (4.20m)
    Low 06:26am (2.71m)
    High 12:55pm (4.34m)
    Low 07:28pm (2.65m)
  • Fri 19th October

    High 01:57am (4.21m)
    Low 08:09am (2.68m)
    High 02:33pm (4.47m)
    Low 09:07pm (2.41m)
  • Sat 20th October

    High 03:18am (4.47m)
    Low 09:36am (2.35m)
    High 03:41pm (4.75m)
    Low 10:09pm (2.01m)
  • Sun 21st October

    High 04:14am (4.79m)
    Low 10:29am (1.96m)
    High 04:32pm (5.04m)
    Low 10:54pm (1.63m)